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Amirthi Zoological Park:

Amirthi zoological park is situated under the Javadu Hills of Tellaiacross Amirthi river which is 25 kms away from vellore. It also is atourism spot. This zoo logical  park was  started  in  the year 1967October. The  area of  the  park  is 25 hectares  and  one  can findbeautiful  water  falls.  There  are also  different kinds of birds andanimals.   Swings,  Seesaw  etc.,  are  there  for  children  to  play.Numerous kinds of herbal plants and trees  and sandal wood treesalso grow here. There are 2 rest houses and five members can stayis one dormitory. There is a meditating hall where one can have fullconcentration and be in serenity.

The  inflow  of  tourists  is  more  only  during  the  holidays.  This zoological  park  has  been  recognized  recently  and  so  the  state Government  has taken  initiative to develop this area.  The entrance fees  is only Rs 2/- per head, for cycles Rs.3/-  for  van  Rs.5/-  for motor cyclesRs.2/- .  The Government earns Rs.6000/-  per  month and  Rs.72,000/-  per  year by  this entrance fees. The  tribal people reside in this area.

There is a range  office  at Amirthi  headed by the forest ranger, Mr.Deendayalan at present 2001.)  There  is also  a  hill tribe  society at Nimmiyambattu near Amirthi. The main  aim is to  give employment opportunities to the hill tribals in that area.


1.  SPOTTED DEER                   -  22
2.  HEDGEHOG                          -   1
3.  FOX                                       -   4
4.  REASON MONKEY               -   2
5.  RED HEADED PARROT       - 13
6.  LOVE BIRDS                        - 18
7.  TORTOISE                           - 15
8.  PEACOCK                             -   5
9.  CROCODILE                         -   3
10. WILD CAT                           -   1
11. EAGLE                                 -   2
12. DUCK                                   -   3
13. PIGEON                               - 14
14. WILD PARROT                   -   3
15. RABBIT                                -   2
16. PYTHON                               -   2
17. MONGOOSE                         -  1


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