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Another important  monument of  attraction is  that of  the Mosque of Nawab Chanda Sahib. It was built in 1750 A.D. The entrance of the masjid is on the Northern side. At the top of the structure, provision is made for the speakers. On all the four sides of the structure it  is  decorated  with arch  shapes.  It  is constructed with brick and lime. Pillars are constructed in two lines, inner and outer and each row  has four pillars. The outer pillars are smaller in height in comparison with the pillars inside.  For performing Namaz,  on the Western side a  large prayer hall or courtyard of  about fifteen feet in  breadth and  forty feet  in length  was constructed.  On the back to it lies  the Mehrab. The devotees has to  worship before  this  Mehrab and on the right hand side to it lies a platform for the Imam to perform the worship. The pillars found in the mosque are about two and a half feet in breadth on the facing side and about a feet in the sides.  On the southern end of  the mosque  there are  flight of steps  which lead  to the upper  part of  the mosque. At the centre of the mosque there is a  big dome and on the sides there are minars. The minors on the northern and southern sides are very big and minors behind the dome is very small. There are floral designs in the smaller pillars.  

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