Archaeological Survey of India ( ASI ) Protected Monuments

Sl.No. Name of the Monument Locality
1 Jalakantesvara temple Vellore
2 Fort Vellore
3 Old Mosque inside the Fort Vellore
4 Somanatha temple Melpadi
5 Cholesvara temple Melpadi
6 Jain Sculptures and Snscriptions on the Hill Vallimalai
7 Subramanyaswamy Temple Vallimalai

Vellore Fort

The important archaeological monument of Vellore district is Vellore Fort. The fort and the building structure found inside the fort are being preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The Fort was constructed by then the ruler of Vellore, Bommu Nayakar and his brother during 1526-1595 AD. It is located in the heart of Vellore covering an area of 133 acres. It is the best exemplification to know the architectured construction of any other forts available in the entire Southern India.

Yet important speciality of the fort is the worship place of Hindus namely the Jalakandeswarar temple, a church, built in 1846, the worship place of Cristians and a mosque, a worship place of Muslims are being found inside it.

The Fort is found with five important Mahals naming the reigned Kings as follows:-

    1. Hyder Mahal
    2. Tippu Mahal
    3. Begam Mahal
    4. Kandi Mahal
    5. Badhusha Mahal

The key feature is the moat and the Vellore Fort.

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Temples of Melpadi

Choleeshwaram, Melpadi - Arinjaya Cholar Pallipadai Temple

Choleeshwaram, Melpadi – Arinjaya Cholar Pallipadai Temple

Melpadi is a very historic place located in Walajah Taluk of Vellore District. The great King Raja Raja Cholan raised a temple here for God Somanathar. He raised a Pallipadar temple for his grandfather Arinjaya Cholan over his cemetery. It is named after the king as Arinjaya Choleeshwaran. The commendable aspects are that both the temples are located near the banks of the river Nuga.

The history of Rajaraja-I, Rajaraja-II ,Koperunsingan, Sambuvarayargal, Kings of Vijaya Nagar could be found in the stone inscription of the temple, which is yet another unique feature of this monument.

The Seven Mothers statues and other statues of Somanathar temples serves as a best example of sculptures found in Melpadi.