Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crops – Vellore District

Brief Notes on Schemes

The district has favourable agro climate condition for raising different kinds of Horticulture crops like fruits, Vegetables and flower crops. Additional area can be brought out by utilizing the vast fallow land available in the district. The area under horticulture crops is 25200 hactares which occupies 15% of the net sown area. The fruit crops occupies 50% of the total area under Horticulture crops ie 17495 Hactare vegetable crops are cultivated in 4500 Hactare and spices in 2000 Hactare. Flowers are largely grown in the district to an extent of 1115 Hacters. Of this more than 60% of the areas are rainfed and the balance areas are catered through irrigation sources viz wells, canals and tanks. There is absence of surface water irrigation in the district. Efforts are initiated by the department of horticulture to increase the area under horticulture crops under rainfed as well as by way of irrigation through drip system.

To increase the area under Horticulture crops and to encourage the Horticulture farmers the government is implementing various schemes in the district with the help of central and state government. The details of the schemes implemented in the district are submitted below.

State Horticulture Farms:

Three State Horticulture farms are functioning in the District. One Navlock near Ranipet 2nd at Kudapattu near Tirupathur and 3rd at Thagarakuppam near Alangayam. Fruit plants like Mango, Guava, Papaya, Sapota and Protray vegetable seedlings are produced and distributed to farmers through different schemes implemented in this district. The farm serves as a source for neighbouring districts also.

National Horticulture Mission:

To increase the area under Horticulture crops like Mango, TC Banana, Papaya, Loose flowers, Chillies the farmers are motivated by supplying inputs like planting material, Bio – Fertilizers, Pesticides at subsidised cost. For past two years farmers are motivated to go in for polyhouse and shadenet house cultivation. So for nearly 40,000 polygreen house and 35,000 shadenet house has been constructed. In 2017 – 18 target has been received for 16000 of polygreen house. Under Mechanization Tractor, Power tiller and Plant Protection equipment are distributed to farmers at 50% subsidy cost. During 2017-18, 140 hactres of new area was bought under vegetable crops and 40 hectares under mango high density planting.

National Agriculture Development Programme:

To encourage the small and marginal farmers for taking traditional varieties of vegetable cultivation and hill banana development 50% assistance is given. To Motivate the consumers to grow vegetables, minikit worth of Rs.20/- is given at 40% subsidy. Also Medicinal Plants Kits are distributed at 40% subsidy.

National Mission on Micro Irrigation:

In this scheme the farmers are motivated to install drip irrigation system for both Horticulture and Agriculture Crops by providing 75% and 100% subsidy to the materials used for drip irrigation system. For small and marginal farmers the maximum subsidy eligible is 100% up to five acres. and for other farmers subsidy is eligible up to 12.5 acres.

Rainfed Area Development:

The farmers are Motivated to taken up Integrated Horticulture Farming System by giving financial assistance for growing fruit crops and vegetable crops as intercrop in the Orchard. Inputs like fruit plants and vegetable seedlings will be supplied to the farmers at the cost of Rs.25000 per Hac. During 2017-18, 90 hac. of Physical target has been received and it is implemented in selected five blocks of Gudiyatam, Timiri, Nemili, Arakkonam and Katpadi.

Parambarakat Krishi Vikas Yojana:

Alangayam and Madhanur Blocks are selected and the scheme is implemented in a cluster approach of 50 acers in each block. 50 farmers are selected in each block and training were given to follow organic cultivation method. Organic inputs were also supplied to them. Financial assistance were given to construct Vermi unit and for the purchase of materials to produce Pancha Kavya & Neem kernel extract.


To provide financial support to farmers suffering crop loss/damaged arising out of unforeseen events the scheme implemented for khariff and rabi season for notified crops in notified villages.

Name of the Department: Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crops

Office Address:

Deputy Director of Horticulture,
2nd Floor, JDA Complex,
Opposite to Thanthai Periyar Polytechnic College,