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1 Tombs of Ceylon King Vellore


King of Kandi’s Cemetery

Tombs of Ceylon Kings family, Muthu mandapam

Tombs of Ceylon King’s family

The King who at the last reigned Sri Lanka – a Tamil King named Vikrama Raja Singha’s cemetery is now being called as the cemetery of Kind Kandi.

The monument can be located travelling around 150 meters West from the new bus stand of Vellore. The monument is currently being addressed as “Muthu Mandapam” by the people.

Kandi of Sri Lanka was reigned by King ‘Rajadi Rajan’. As he was not bestowed with progeny to reign the rule, his brother-in-law named Kannusamy, reigned the thrown in the name of Vikrama Raja Singha. The King fought against the Britishers took the upper hands . Thereby, the King left the palace with his family.

But the Britishers arrested him and prisoned in Vellore by banishing him and his family from the country to avoid the favour by the public to the King. He was imprisoned in Vellore from 08.03.1816. After 16 years of imprisonment, Vikrama Raja Singha died on 31.08.1832. His body was buried near banks of Palar. His kith and kin were buried near him.
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